How can I use my own custom moonphase images?

In your image editing software like Photoshop, create an document that is 200px high X 1600px wide. Separate that strip into 8 equal squares that are 200px X 200px each. Center each moon image within each square and import your strip into the moon phase image layer in Clockology. Here is an example that you […]


Clockology needs permissions to access your location for weather and your activity for health data.   Please double check Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Clockology (for weather) and Settings > Privacy > Health > Clockology (for health) verify Clockology is allowed to read this data. If these settings are not showing under Privacy please […]


是的,效果很好。您可以自由编辑您的时钟,同时将它们保存到您的 iCloud Drive。退出编辑器后,如果您已将时钟保存到 iCloud Drive,您的时钟将自动同步到您的其他设备。