Funktioniert Clockology gut auf dem iPad?

Yes, it works great.  You can freely edit your clocks while saving them to your iCloud Drive. Once you exit the editor, your clocks will automatically sync to to your other devices if you’ve saved your clock to your iCloud Drive.

When I look at my watch, Clockology isn’t open anymore. Why?

Some watch notifications could be the main cause. In order to resolve this, get into the habit of dismissing or answering your watch notifications. If a notification hangs out for too long on your watch, eventually it may self-dismiss and revert to your stock Apple Watch face. Navigation, auto-launch audio apps, and covering the display […]

Wird Clockology meinen Akku entladen?

Nein, wenn Sie Clockology an der Spitze Ihrer Uhr ausführen, wird der Akku nicht entladen. Clockology benötigt einen relativ kleinen Platzbedarf und die wahrscheinliche Ursache für Ihren Batterieverbrauch ist "Always-On" und Ihre Helligkeitseinstellungen.

Warum wird auf der Apple Watch eine Fernbedienung angezeigt?

The remote controls your clocks when you play them in full screen mode on your iPhone. Once you select multiple clocks on your iPhone and open them in full screen, you can use the Apple Watch app to flip between them by tapping on the left or right arrow buttons. Have more questions? Get support […]